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Note: Topics and readings may change slightly. We will make every effort to post the links to lecture slides before the beginning of the class they are introduced.

For ease of access, we list direct links to all lecture slides and project materials. All other important forms, links, and resources are available on the syllabus, Google Drive, and/or the #resources-and-links channel in Slack.

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Week 1 - Introduction to Design & HCI

Week 2 - Design Cycle, Prototyping, and User Research

Mon 6/26
StudioStudio 2: Project 1 Workshop, Project 2 Intro
ReadingThe Perfect Brainstorm
Project 2Project 2 Released
Tue 6/27
LectureLecture 3: The Design Cycle, Prototyping, and Critiques
ReadingHow to Give and Receive Criticism
ReadingUniversal Principles of Design
Wed 6/28
LectureLecture 4: Prototyping and Conceptual Models
ReadingPrototyping (Read “Paper Prototypes” and “Wizard of Oz” sections)
Project 1Project 1 Due
Thu 6/29
LectureLecture 5: User Research
Reading10 Cognitive Biases to Avoid in User Research
ReadingPrinciples of Contextual Inquiry
Fri 6/30
Project 2Project 2 Midpoint Check-in (Sketches) Due
Quiz 2 DueSee bCourses
A Complete Guide to Flexbox
Bootstrap Documentation
How to Run a Design Critique

Week 3 - Interviewing and User Studies

In observation of the Fourth of July, there is no class on Tuesday.

Mon 7/3
StudioStudio 3: Project 2 Peer Critique and Project 3 Intro
ReadingA Definitive Guide to Voice User Interface Design
Project 2Project 2 Slack Peer Critiques Due
Project 3Project 3 Released
Tue 7/4
No class or section.
Wed 7/5
LectureLecture 6: Interviewing, Ethics, and Personas
ReadingReflexivity, positionality, and disclosure in HCI
ReadingThe Racial Bias Built Into Photography
Reading(optional) Embracing 4 Tensions in HCI Research with Marginalized People
Project 2Project 2 Due
Thu 7/6
LectureLecture 7: Experiment Design, Collecting and Analyzing Qualitative/Quantitative Data
ReadingDoing Psychology Experiments (Read Chapters 2 & 12)
Fri 7/7
Project 3Project 3 Midpoint Check-in Due
Quiz 3 DueSee bCourses

Week 4 - Evaluation and Visual Design

Mon 7/10
StudioStudio 4: Project 3 Workshop, Project 4 Partner-finding
Tue 7/11
LectureLecture 8: Heuristic Evaluation and Visual Design
ReadingHow to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation
Reading10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design
Project 4Project 4 Released
Wed 7/12
LectureLecture 9: Visual Design (cont) and Information Visualization
ReadingVisual Communication: Core Design Principles for Displaying Quantitative Information
ReadingAll About Grid Systems
Project 3Project 3 Due
Thu 7/13
LectureLecture 10: Human Models and Interaction “Laws”
ReadingThe Model Human Processor (Read Section 2.1)
Fri 7/14
Quiz 4 Due See bCourses
A Non-Designer’s Guide to Pairing Fonts
Choosing Colors for Data Visualization
Icon Usability
Top 10 Beautiful Google Font Combinations
How the Rainbow Color Map Misleads

Week 5 - Beyond the Screen

Week 6 - Final Project Week 1

Mon 7/24
StudioFinal Project Studio
Tue 7/25
StudioFinal Project Studio
Wed 7/26
StudioFinal Project Studio
Thu 7/27
LectureLecture 14: Accessibility
ReadingWriting Respectfully: Person-First and Identity-First Language
ReadingCurb Cuts
Fri 7/28
Final ProjectFinal Project Deliverable 1 Due (Slack)

Week 7 - Final Project Week 2

Mon 7/31
StudioFinal Project Studio
Tue 8/1
StudioFinal Project Studio
Wed 8/2
StudioFinal Project Studio
Thu 8/3
LectureLecture 15: Special Topics
Fri 8/4
Final ProjectFinal Project Deliverable 2 Due (Slack)

Week 8 - Final Project Week 3

Mon 8/7
StudioFinal Project Studio
Tue 8/8
StudioFinal Project Studio
Quiz 6 due See [bCourses] (
Wed 8/9
StudioFinal Project Studio
Thu 8/10
StudioFinal Project Critiques
Fri 8/11
Final ProjectFinal Project Due